Girlfriends Weekend & Hair Loss

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A few months ago, I went on my annual girls trip for the first time as a bald woman. I recently shared that experience with a client and learned that she hasn’t gone on any "girls weekends" for over a decade because she didn't want anyone to discover her secret.

So, I decided to write a blog post about my experience.

Rainbow Wig

About three months ago, I was sitting in a San Francisco and feeling down about my baldness.

That’s when I noticed a woman with blue hair. I distinctly recall saying to myself, “Wow, here I am trying to disguise my baldness and this woman wants to stand out by having blue hair!” That day, I ordered my first rainbow wig and made a goal to wear it whenever I felt down.

I wore it for the first time when I was in Palm Springs on a women's retreat. Two of the ladies in the group were turning 40, so we all decided to go out to a nice restaurant and then do some dancing. I didn't want something to happen to my nice everyday wig, so I decided to wear the rainbow wig out. When I put it on, all of the ladies loved it! They complimented me, saying things like, “Wow, that looks amazing!” and “It’s perfect for Palm Springs!”

When I looked at my reflection in the mirror I couldn't help but smile. It actually transformed my mood! I’ve noticed that when you put on a wig, it changes you - almost like you become a character in a movie. In this wig, I felt energized and ready to enjoy a fun night with friends.

Throughout the evening, there were a few moments when I felt insecure. Was the wig a bit too much? But I allowed these insecurities to pass and just continued to smile and held my head up. I now believe that every woman should own a wig that makes them smile – for me that is my rainbow wig.

Hot Springs

On the second day of the trip, I wanted to enjoy a day of pure relaxation and hot springs, so I booked a day at Two Bunch Palms Spa. Two of my girlfriends heard I was going and decided to join me.

I was a little nervous to spend the day at hot springs as a bald woman, but I reminded myself to be strong. I reminded myself that I won’t let hair loss stop me from living the life that I want. I wasn’t going to miss out on hot springs – They’re something of an obsession of mine. Growing up in Colorado, we frequented hot springs. I even used to joke with my mom that I was born in a hot spring. There is something amazingly purifying about soaking in hot mineral water while being outside in nature, looking at the trees.

I challenged myself to go without a wig for the entire day. I got changed and put on my robe. Everything was fine until I walked out and saw a couple of women staring at me. My girlfriends spotted some tears in my eyes and were immediately supportive, suggesting that we go grab some tea before heading into the springs. As we walked to get tea, I composed myself. Only a few people said hello to me, but I was okay with that.

That evening, after a day of enjoying the springs and a massage, I returned to the hot springs to watch the sunset. I reflected on the day, which ended up being being incredibly peaceful and relaxing. I felt empowered. It wasn’t easy, but I was strong enough to not let baldness prevent me from doing something I love.

Before I left, I walked around the property. I noticed a beautiful hawk sitting on a statue. When he noticed me, he flew away directly over my head – I think it was a good sign.


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