How To Conceal Knots On A Wig

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What Is A Lace or Monofilament Top?

Picture above is lace top wig before makeup or bleach

If the top part of your wig looks like this then continue reading. My 1st wig had a monofilament top which looked exactly like this lace top wig. What interesting is that wig manufactures say that monofilaments tops look like the hair is growing from you head but for me it just looks fake. If you wear a dense wig, especially on the top, then you might be able to pull off this look but most of the time we have to do something to hide the knots and lace. The reality is that if you plan on getting close to someone then they will probably be able to see the base material and knots. Two weeks ago, I took my kids to a children's museum and I was playing with them on this wave exploration. Anyways, I kept trying to get up and couldn't get up. Another father noticed me struggling so he offered to help, which I accepted. He was standing right above me and I can't explain to you how uneasy I would have felt if I was wearing a lace top wig - even if the knots were concealed. From my perspective, I believe every women deserves and should own a wig with an amazing french top (silk top), which is the most advance wig making technique that uses glass silk to hide the lace and knots. It's a very labor expensive technique that takes an average of 7 days for a skilled factory to make vs the back half of the wig which takes about half a day.  

What Is A French (Silk) Top?

Picture above is French Drawn top

The industry terms of this top is called a French Drawn top but of course wig brands have made it confusing for consumers so you might see terms like skin-like top, silk top, etc. Basically this technique hides the lace and the knots. If you can afford a french top then I would highly recommend getting one.

In any case, lace tops are a reality so I wanted to teach you how the best way I have learned to conceal those knots to increase the realism of your piece.  


Please watch the detailed tutorial below and please let me know if you have any questions:

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