Guide #4: Choosing Fiber (Human Hair Vs. Synthetic)

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Choosing Fiber
(Human Hair vs Synthetic)


Below are the key items to think about before cost.

Remember your goal is to find "helper hair" that suits your personality, lifestyle, hair preferences, & unique hair loss stage. In the long run, this will save you time & $$.

  1. Ability to change your style. Regardless of whether your hair loss is temporary or more long term, really think about this question. How often over the last month have you change your hair style?

    • None - go synthetic

    • Somewhat - ask yourself the next question

    • Often - seriously consider human hair

  2. Do you like to touch your hair? How much time per day do you spend "playing" with it?  

    • Synthetics don't feel like hair & they easily fuzz overtime

    • Blends (combo of human hair & synthetic) feel more life like so if it's not a huge deal this might be a good option

    • Human hair feels like hair because it's hair

  3. How important is it for your hair to move/sway - like the way the wind blows on the trees?

    • Don't care - synthetic fibers

    • Important - consider human hair

  4. Maintance - this question is double sided becase both fibers require care

    • Synthetic wigs must be reguarly combed through, using a wide tooth comb, because the fibers breakdown with friction (frequent brushing against clothes, hot/cold temps), which causes tangling. If you don't comb out those tangles, eventally the tangles will become so matted that it will be impossible to brush out. This is the main reason why synthetic wigs only last 3-6 months

    • Human hair wig - I personally wash my human hair wig every 7 days (every Friday), leave it on the block to dry over night and than I brush it out in the morning. The look is not super polished so if you want something more styled than of course you'll have to do that.  

  5. Cost - this question is also double sided

    • ​​​​​​​Synthetic fibers typically only last about 3-6 months because the fibers breakdown overtime with friction (frequent brushing against clothes, hot/cold temps) so on average you will need 2-3 synthetic wigs or toppers per year

    • Human hair will cost more up front but a human hair wig or topper will last longer than a synthetic piece. On average, human hair wigs last 1-2 years.

Below is a summarized breakdown on how to choose your fiber:

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