Locks, Mops and Bouffants: Two Books on Hair

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Locks, Mops and Bouffants: Two Books on Hair

By Sarah Lyall New York Time

Emma Tarlo, the author of “Entanglement: The Secret Lives of Hair,” is a book about the international hair trade, which is a fascinating & shocking to learn about.

A “frosty cluster of synthetic curls” from Brussels. A “small slither of hair weft” from a floor in Brighton, England. There’s also some human-hair rope from India, fake fuchsia hair from a punk shop in London and a lone black strand (not the author’s own) that she plucked from a Chinese airplane blanket and tucked into her notebook, whereupon, she writes, it sprang out “like an unwanted pubic hair.”

The New York Times featured an article with reviews and insights. Definitely, worth a glance. Entanglement is on my must read list! More to come!


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