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The Story Of Social Wig Co.

“Why call your business Social Wig Co. if no one wants to be social about their hair loss?”


I often hear this question from women I meet – and I completely understand where they’re coming from. When I lost my hair, I didn’t even want to look in the mirror. I was eight months pregnant, scared and felt completely alone. I didn’t want anyone to know what I was going through.

The Big Mistake

After a few months of wearing a my first wig (which, by the way, was awful), I became obsessed with a wig on Instagram. After ordering it, I decided to send a video of it to my three closest girlfriends. But I made a huge mistake – instead of sending that video only to my friends, I excluded them and sent the video to everyone I know on Instagram! Previous managers, employers, friends, boyfriends, etc.

I panicked and cried harder than any other time I can recall. I wasn’t ready to share my hairloss with anyone and instead sent it to everyone.

The entire situation was shocking, but even more surprising was the support and kindness that I received almost immediately afterwards. Old friends and colleagues sent me messages saying:

“Allison I don't know what’s going on but I'm here to help.”

“Love the wig, you will rock it.”

“I will leave NY tonight and fly to SF if you need someone.”

It still brings me chills to think about. I can’t express how much the support I received after what I thought was a devastating mistake actually helped me cope and heal. It’s crazy to think, but if that mistake never happened, I probably would still be trying to “hide”. This mistake freed me.

Alone in a Crowd

The truth is, 147 million people worldwide deal with alopecia and half of all women by age 50 experience female hair loss, yet I began my journey feeling completely alone.

When I decided to start helping women with hair loss, I didn’t only want to create a company – I wanted to create a community.

Social Wig Co. is a group of amazing women who refuse to let hair loss limit them or define what they can do and instead they embrace it and one other!

Creating a Community

My first step towards this mission has been sharing my journey on social media. The next step that I am taking towards this mission is launching our closed Facebook group, Embrace Hair Loss. A closed Facebook group means that no one can see that you are a member and a community to help women open up, feel supported and heal.

Whether you are new or experienced – losing your hair is never easy. We are all in this together, so let’s use this group for inspiration, as a way to connect, support, learn and grow from other beautiful ladies embracing their hair loss! Let’s have a continuous conversation, promoting awareness and increasing acceptance.

Let’s talk about hair loss and embrace each other!

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