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Lichen planopilaris (LPP) / Scarring Alopecia

I'm just not that into makeup or beauty so when I started losing my hair it was surprising how much it meant to me

Megan's Story

When I'm not working, I love to be outdoors - hiking, biking and my ultimate love, swimming!  

Her hair loss journey began when she noticed a small bald patch on my head. A few months later, I noticed three more patches. Concerned, I decided to see a doctor and was diagnosed Lichen planopilaris (LPP). Also known as ‘Scarring Alopecia’, LPP is characterized by tiny dime-sized patches where the hair follicles have become scarred, meaning the hair will never grow back.  

What was so surprising about my hair loss is that it meant more to me than I had ever imagined. I was never into makeup or styling my hair. But I never thought that losing her hair would mean losing things I loved – her friends, the progress of her career, her ability to swim, hike, or go on dates. Hair loss was quickly taking over her life.

In a panic and unsure where to start, I drove around San Francisco going from boutique to boutique in search of a solution. With no success in the shops, I began searching online and came across Social Wig Co.  

I simply could not imagine my life as a bald one. Allison shared how she vividly can recall having that same feeling. Talking, I quickly learned that she was passionate about maintaining the lifestyle she enjoyed prior to her diagnosis.

After Allison shared the ins-and-outs of wigs: styles, pricing and quality, and how to wear one. I found a piece that I love! I believe how realistic my wigs looks!  

I decided to order two wigs – one that I can hike, run, and even swim in and another to wear during the day and evenings. I am now doing all the things that love to do despite my hair loss. Occasionally, I'll see myself in a picture and I swear I look better now than I did when I had hair!

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