My Story

My journey began in the eighth month of my second pregnancy when I developed Alopecia Universalis – total hair loss. I sought help from doctors to slow the process, but after a few short months, I was totally bald.

I felt powerless, as though part of my identity had been taken from me against my will. I was worried about keeping my marriage alive. Who would love a bald women? I was worried about my kids growing up and facing the stigma of having a mother with "no hair”.

With a healthy, beautiful newborn along with a three year old to raise, I had no time, no energy, and I desperately needed a wig.

Finding a Wig

Wig shopping was overwhelming and confusing. There was no one to guide me as I scoured hundreds of websites and went to dozens of boutiques, searching through seemingly endless options. As the the weeks went on, I wasn’t any closer to finding the right wig for my lifestyle and personality. There had to be a better way. This frustration lead me to do my own research, building up a vast wealth of hair knowledge.

Shortly after purchasing my first wig, I made a huge social media blunder: I thought a was sharing a video of my new wig to three of my closest girlfriends, but instead, I had messaged everyone I knew. I cannot adequately convey the level of panic and tears that followed – I had publicly shared something that my family and I were not ready to share.

I was shocked by the huge, unexpected amount of support that I received form old and new friends on social media. This helped me to make peace with my new identity, to feel connected in a time when I felt so alone. I connected with women who weren’t just coping with hair loss – they were thriving. And I could, too.

The Solution

When I found “my wig” – one that fit my personality, lifestyle, and was comfortable – it brought tears to my eyes. I felt alive again! I even said to my mother that my husband got his wife back.

My wig is so comfortable that I can wear it all day and long into the night without even thinking about it. It even took the founder of a leading wig manufacture over ten minutes before he figured out that I was wearing a wig!

I launched Social Wig Co. because I want to be your hair loss confidante – your new home of guidance, support, and product recommendations. Regardless of your hair loss stage, whether it be temporary or permanent, you can enjoy an amazing, empowered life with a wig or topper.

When you work with me, I promise to:

- Help you become ‘wig wise’ by educating, clarifying, and answering your questions on wearing alternative hair

- Sort through thousands of alternative hair options and match you with the best solutions based on your lifestyle, personality, and styling preferences

- Be your hair loss partner, guiding and supporting you through the entire process

Finding the right wig or topper will instantly transform you! The perfect piece helps you feel like you again – happy, vibrant, sexy, and beautiful! Let’s work together to find your wig.


Your hair loss confidante