In Tone Violet Shampoo

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Blonde wig come in a variety of colors ranging from warm to cool tones. Violet shampoo is used for a couple of reasons:

    1. lightly some of the golden/yellow hues commonly found in blonde wigs
    2. Restore the original vibrant color 
    3. Cancel out any brassy hues  


  • Gently remove tangles using paddle brush
  • Wet the hair completely under cool running water
  • Lather shampoo in palm of hand and distribute evenly
  • Approximate processing time is 30 seconds to 3 minutes, depending on desired tone
    • If your not sure how long to process, start with 30 seconds and build from there.  The longer you process the hair the cooler the tone will be
    • If your worried about how your "hair" will process, start with aSocial Wig Co. test strand in the back
    • Below are pictures of different tones that you can achieve with the different processing times
    • If you don't like the new tone, use any clarifying shampoo to remove the product
  • Rinse thoroughly under cool running water until the water runs clear
  • Follow with DuelSense Conditioner or Pure Repair Restoring Balm
  • Style as desired