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Rene is 100% premium world select remy human hair wig with a temple-to-temple swiss lace front.  This wig offers superb Follea quality combined with affordability.

  • Hair Length
    • 10" Layered / 15" Overall 
    • 12" Layered / 17" Overall
    • 14" Layered / 19" Overall
    • 16" Layered / 21" Overall
  • 100% premium world select hair (highest quality non-European hair) with the hair cuticle partially intact
  • Gradual layered style
  • Secure fit - six pre-made cap sizes result in very secure fit
    • custom caps are available as well upon request
  • Extended temple to temple soft woven swiss lace front
  • 100% hand tied lace top for a realistic part and a ultra-realistic scalp appearance -extremely soft & excellent ventilation
  • Back is 100% closed wefted, the material used is light-weight, comfortable and  breathable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Adjustable stays/bra straps

Wig Review

The Cost: The René is the least expensive wig in the Follea line. It’s affordable, but I find that it does not look or feel cheap. Below, I go into more detail about why it is placed at its price point.

The Hair: This 12-inch 100% human hair wig  is composed of World Select hair, meaning a blend of Asian and Indian hair. The hair cuticle is partially intact. There is no indication of how much Asian hair versus Indian hair is used to make the wig - We only know that it is a blend.

These details contribute to the wig’s affordability - Wigs made from european full cuticle and partial cuticle hair are often much more expensive.

The Top: The René features a temple to temple monofilament top. This allows you to change the part with ease, but does not provide as realistic of a scalp look as a French drawn top would. This wig utilizes a closed wefted back cap. The wefting material  is high quality and does not feel bulky.  It Is a lot more comfortable than most other wefteds on the market, but feels less comfortable than other Folleas I’ve worn.

Securing FeaturesFor ease of wear, the René includes a comb and easy-to-adjust bra straps to hold the wig in place. It also includes ear tabs for tape or glue.



The René is a great economical option for someone seeking a well made, beautiful starter wig. While  it lacks some of the qualities of more expensive wigs (i.e. European Hair, full cuticle, hand-tied cap), It’s hard to beat its natural look and comfortable wear for its price point.