Style Topper by Follea

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Style Topper by Follea - offers Follea's superior european hair with partial cuticle intact that is 100% hand tied, french knotted monofilament top.

Coverage Dimensions: 6”x 6.5” (16 x 16.5cm)

  • Hair Length Options
    • 8" Overall
  • 100% exclusive European hair with partial hair cuticle intact. It's like the hair you have always wanted!
  • 100% hand tied create the most natural look and styling versatility (braids, ponytails, updos)
  • French knotted - method that hides the knots creating the most natural scalp appearance possible - hair looks like it's growing from your head! 
    • Slightly bleached knots for darker-colored wigs
  • Gradual layered style 
  • Six pressure sensitive clips
  • Silk-like, monofilament spandex top & part with hidden knots create ultra-realitic scalp appearance -extremely soft & excellent ventilation
  • 1/8" closed lace front - ideal for blending with existing hairline or fringe-wearers